Vital statistics
Position Deuteragonist
Minor Character
Age Unknown
Status Alive (game), Deceased (series)
Physical attributes
Height 7 inches
Weight Possibly below 150 pounds

(...) “Explain what happened, Carl!” (...) “Why did you kill this person, Carl?!” (...)
Paul to Carl after he killed a human.
Paul to Carl after he’s done something terrible.
Paul is the deuteragonist of the Llamas with Hats series, and later being a minor character. He stands on the left side of the screen in every video that he physically appears in and never moves any part of his body other than his mouth and eyes. His appearance consists of light brown fur, a red hat with a yellow flower, and a grumpy face.

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Personality Edit

Paul possesses a strong disapproval of Carl's violent actions. The mixture of shock and annoyance towards Carl is evident in his tone of voice. His higher pitched voiced and feminine attire may confuse some, including Carl, into believing that he is actually a woman until his gender is revealed in "Llamas with Hats 3." Paul also possesses a strong enough will to put up with Carl for the first five videos before leaving Carl in "Llamas with Hats 6."


Paul died at some point between the 8th and final episode of the series. The exact cause of death is unknown, although, it is assumed Carl's destruction of the human race was what killed Paul and ultimately lead to Carl finally snapping and committing suicide.