Llamas with Hats 8
Season 1, Episode 8
Vital statistics
Air date December 30, 2014
Written by Jason Steele
Directed by Jason Steele
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Llamas with Hats 8 is the eighth episode of the Llamas with Hats series.


This video takes place outside of Paul's apartment. It begins with Carl asking "Paul, are you home?" After much prodding, Paul ask Carl what he wants. Carl tries to convince Paul to be friends again, and mentions the apology piano he sent. Carl misses Paul's grumpy face, and the Paul mask isn't grump enough. Carl also mentions that Paul may be know as Nikolai Sponagoff, a wanted Russian criminal. Paul threatens to call the police but Carl has nowhere to go because he burned his house down. Carl offers to pay him ten million dollars cash, which he doesn't have. Paul then puts on music to ignore Carl and Carl begins to speak with the Paul mask until the swan piano arrives.


Notable QuotesEdit

"Paul, are you home? Ding dong! Landlord! Pizza delivery! Fire department! Bank manager! You have an appointment." -Carl

"Pianos aren't supposed to bleed and scream." -Paul "I guess it was less a piano and more a statement on pianos." -Carl

"Why can't you go horrify someone else, Carl?" -Paul "I miss your grumpy face. -Carl

"I have nowhere to go! I burned my house down once it had enough swans inside and I used up the rest of my savings buying the swans."

"It's ok, he'll come around. As soon as the swan piano arrives." -Carl

Published Edit

December 30, 2014

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