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This is the third video in the "Llamas with Hats" series. This video takes place in front of a burning South American city. It begins with Paul exclaiming "Carl, we're supposed to be on vacation!" Paul then explains what Carl has done. This includes toppling a South American government, pushing a resistance leader and others into a giant fan, and eating the hotel bartender. When Paul says he wants to go home, Carl mentions that he has filled their luggage with orphan meat for his meat dragon. Carl then reveals that he does not know Paul's name, even after they had known each other for 3 years. When Paul reveals his name to Carl, Carl realizes Paul is a man, and not a woman like he had thought due to Paul's hat.
Llamas with Hats 3

Llamas with Hats 3

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"You pushed the resistance leader into a giant fan." -Paul "He was a traitor and a scoundrel." -Carl "He was trying to stop you from pushing other people into a giant fan." -Paul

"Whoa! That was a foot. I appear to have swallowed an entire person." -Carl

"It was horrifying. You're mouth unhinged like a snake." -Paul "Wow, that sounds pretty awesome." -Carl

"It's too late now, you..." -Carl "You?" -Paul "I totally don't remember your name." -Carl

"I said my name is Paul." -Paul "Oh! I thought you were a woman." -Carl "Why would you think that?" -Paul "Mostly the hat." -Carl

"Well, if you'll excuse me I have some pictures to delete from my computer." -Carl

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September 3, 2010

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