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Overview Edit

Llamas with Hats Cruise Catastrophe iOS and Android Game

Llamas with Hats Cruise Catastrophe iOS and Android Game

This is a promotional video for the Llamas with Hats: Cruise Catastrophe game for iOS and Android. This video takes place before the events of "Llamas with Hats 2" in a room probably in Paul and Carl's house. It begins with Paul asking "Carl, why are there a bunch of hands nailed to the wall?" Carl calls the wall of hands a great work of art and threatens to leave to go on a cruise when Paul continues to complain. Paul and Carl then realize that neither of them have ever seen the other move and all they know how to do is move their mouth and eyes. However, Carl quickly learns to walk and leaves, making this the first and only video Carl is seen walking in. The video then cuts to gameplay footage with a voice over promoting the game.

Notable QuotesEdit

"This isn't art, this is just horrible." -Paul "They said the same thing about Impressionism." -Carl

"I lliterally never see you move." -Paul "Now that you mention it, I never see you move either." -Carl

"I'm going on a cruise. Fresh air, great food, and lots of people trapped in a confined space." -Carl


August 17, 2013