Carl and Paul's House
Vital statistics
Type House
Level 2 Story House, 1 Story House
Location Unknown
Inhabitants Carl (formerly), Paul (formerly)

Paul and Carl's house is the setting of "Llamas with Hats 1," "Llamas with Hats 4," "Llamas with Hats 6," and "Llamas with Hats 7." However, in "Llamas with Hats 6," Paul leaves to move into his own apartment. In "Llamas with Hats 4," part of the house and most of the surrounding city is destroyed by the Carl's birthday candle for Paul so it is likely that "Llamas with Hats 6" and "Llamas with Hats 7" take place in a different house than the preceding videos.


Swan House Edit

In "Llamas with Hats 8," Carl reveals that he has burned his house down. After spending all of his money to buy lots of swans, Carl put them inside of his house and burned it down with them inside.